Bible Monster Butts


Check out Luke 18.27.  Some of Jesus’ followers were getting worried that Jesus was making it too hard to get into heaven.  Which of course it is – unless you have God on your side.


You can read this is Matthew 7.13-14.  So many Christians are looking to God for the easy way.  But this is a classic case of “God gives you what you need for eternal life. not what you want right now to make life easier.” So if you are looking for a comfortable life in the middle of sin, then pay good attention to this Monster Bible But.


Praise God for Noah! See the full story in Genesis 6.6.   So instead of complaing how bad the world is getting, be the person that puts a smile on Gods face as he looks down on this planet, and you too can be a massive Monster Bible But.


This is perhaps the most famous Bible But, and it is found in Romans 6.23.  You can’t earn eternal life, but praise God you can receive it.