The Shunning

Sometimes I read a blog post on the web… often addressing secular themes, and I can’t help but immediately apply them to the religious/spiritual world. Today, as I often do, I was reading Seth Godin:

My take… Shun the people who do not interpret the Bible as you do. And shun the people who have protected those people. Shun the people who see the problems in the church you see, but who have a different solution. Shun the people who don’t come to your programs or events. Shun the people who are not shunning the right people. Shun those who have slighted you. And shun those who did not realize that they should be shunning the people you are shunning.

Not too many people left in your church to worship with?

It’s not easy, and I can’t promise good results, but engagement is often better than shunning. Especially with those who are on ‘your team’, and preaching the same things you preach. 

See the original post here.

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