Sometimes, it has to just come out!

The Bible is more than mere words… it’s a message. And right now as a pastor I’m crushed by people in my own congregation that are thinking in terms of themselves in this pandemic.

Thinking of mostly ourselves is nothing new of course. It’s just been heightened under these conditions.

I grieve when I hear comments like “I’m not sick, so this shut down should stop”.

The thing is, we don’t know the right thing to do right now, and the odds of us falling into the right thing as a society are remote. This unknowing is the biggest issue we face right now – there is just so little data, and the virus is spreading faster than we are figuring it out. But patience isn’t really our best thing in this world right now.

So my dear fellow Christians. Let me just quote a little more literally, let’s “love the Lord our God, with all our heart, our soul, our strength, our mind…” and oh, let us do our very best, living with the Spirit of God to “love our neighbor as ourself.”

The Shunning

Sometimes I read a blog post on the web… often addressing secular themes, and I can’t help but immediately apply them to the religious/spiritual world. Today, as I often do, I was reading Seth Godin:

My take… Shun the people who do not interpret the Bible as you do. And shun the people who have protected those people. Shun the people who see the problems in the church you see, but who have a different solution. Shun the people who don’t come to your programs or events. Shun the people who are not shunning the right people. Shun those who have slighted you. And shun those who did not realize that they should be shunning the people you are shunning.

Not too many people left in your church to worship with?

It’s not easy, and I can’t promise good results, but engagement is often better than shunning. Especially with those who are on ‘your team’, and preaching the same things you preach. 

See the original post here.

Self Care

We all love a good work ethic, and pastors are often judged by the quantity of what they do over its effectivness.

The result is that we people pleasers are satisifed with looking busy and showing up here, there and everywhere. But true effectiness comes by looking after our very being. By slowing down often enough to connect with God.

A work horse must eat… or it is only a matter of time before it’s msater will discard it. Kingdom workers must find time away, and recharge.

Jesus did it.